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Leigh's Latest

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America Needs Term Limits

(This video is free, and will be free as long as our country is free.)

Term Limits for these reckless, greedy, self-serving politicians that we are all strangling with is not only possible, but it is easier than you think!  Through a Convention of States, We the People can amend our Constitution to include Term Limits.  This power was the very last item our Founding Fathers included in our Constitution, and it was designed to save our Constitution, and our country for times like these! Find out more in my video, then visit www.conventionofstates.com for a lot more information.


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(The download for this Sanctification E book is free for two days. After this two day period, it will be moved to my Products Page where you can purchase it for a modest fee.)

Christians know they have been saved by Christ’s work on the cross, but many do not know, or if they know, they do not understand, that Christ also died on the cross to Sanctify them.  In John 17 Christ Himself tells us that He went to the cross to both Save and Sanctify us, and then He tells us how He wants us to respond to His sacrifice, and what it means to us, those around us, and to God.

In this series, you will learn:

What Sanctification meant to Christ, therefore what it means to you

That you have been Sanctified

What your knowledge of your Sanctification means to you and to those around you now

Why Christ had to speak out loud to God, within earshot of His disciples about your Salvation and your Sanctification

How you receive the Sanctification and blessings, including Christ’s peace, joy, and love, that you have now !

Sanctification Videos

These Sanctification videos are available for FREE indefinitely. Eventually I will move them to my Product Page, and organize them for purchase, but first, I have to figure out how! Until then, enjoy!