Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff


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Birds of a Feather Flock Together My son John and his friend, Giles get two beautiful pheasant..JPG

Birds of a feather flock together.

My son John, and his friend Giles, get two beautiful pheasant this year.

Duck hunting with a bunch of great guys in eastern Oklahoma.JPG

Duck Hunting

Here I am duck hunting with a bunch of great guys out in eastern Oklahoma.



I got a great buck antelope this year!

Big Cedar Lodge.JPG

I Love This!!!

I love this!  I found it on the wall of Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri last year.



My son John and his deer he shot this season.

Me N' Kelli

I know this is not correct grammar, but I love to say, “Me n’ Kelli.”

 My friend Kelli is answered prayer.  Not only is she one of Life’s Winners, but she really enjoys the outdoors like I do. About 2 years ago I told God, “God, you have got to find me a woman that likes to hunt, and fish and camp like I do.”  I discussed this with God because my son John goes with his buddies, and my husband claims that he, “Doesn’t like to kill those creatures.”  (Mind you, this sanctimonious statement was made in spite  of the fact that he is a rancher and puts thousands of cattle to death a year!) Ha!

Anyway, suffice to say that Kelli (and her entire family) love to hunt and fish, and they kind of just pulled me in.  I’m so glad, because now I get to play to my heart’s content.  But, not only is Kelli fun, she is also a wonderful person… as I said before… she really is one of life’s winners!

Me with a wad of bass_sm.jpg

Me with a wad of bass.

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Up in a new stand for the first time .JPG


This was another new deer stand I added this year.

A big ol' catfish and me.JPG

A big ol’ catfish and me.

  Jack Test smiles, and Jim Mattocks is just tired. 

Another big ol’ catfish and me.

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John and his buddy Jake (my friend Kelli's youngest son), both get young bucks at Pink, Oklahoma this year. .JPG

Two young bucks kill two young bucks Pink, Oklahoma during this year’s deer season.