Drops of History


Drops of History

That made ripples in time….


I love history. I love the study of the character of the people in history. I am most fascinated with the spirit, values and faith of the men and women in our American history during Revolutionary times, and the Second World War; but really, where faith and courage are displayed I value it, no matter where the moment in time.

I have discovered, that it is often the obscure people, the hidden actions, or the small moments that are the hinges on which history swings, and these doors, that were opened for a better future, hung on faith and courage. They were small drops of magic, often supernatural moments, that fell into the vast sea of time, so they are often overlooked or unknown.

Heads up here! The historical material that I produce, though accurate in terms of information, is not without bias; my objective is not to record facts, but to reveal spirit, heart, and character. Below you will find, as I create and produce them, vignettes that interpret drops of history that made ripples in time….

Note: On most of these historical videos I have little, if any access to archived film that is affordable. I apologize for the use of so much stock footage. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable.


The Battle of Oran is not a politically correct affair, and if more people knew about the short, 20 or so minute fight at the Algerian port on the shores of north Africa in 1940, there’s a good chance that today’s self-certain partisans would be, even more, at each other’s throats.  

Just as numerous doubts and criticisms have ensued in the years following Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities, Churchill’s decision to sink the ships and men of the best part of Frances navy, following their capitulation to Germany, is seen by some, as an uncivil and cruel decision. 

Sometimes though, we forget in the comfort of our homes, and in the peace of our times, that those whose shoulders we stand on, often, did not have these luxuries. Desperate to retain their sovereignty, courageous in their actions, and faithful in their hope, they often had to make hard decisions.  

Winston Churchill, in a time when his enemies and allies were not listening, made an audacious decision that sent a message around the world that could not be ignored.  I like his boldness, courage, and faith.  I miss it.

Please enjoy this short video, Winston Churchill, Oran, and the Battle of Mer’s-El-Kebir.

Andrew Jackson had character, and at no time was it better defined than in a duel he had with Charles Dickinson. The story of this duel is absolutely riveting.


Henry David Thoreau was a simple, quiet man, who understood, and made a resolute stand, on a specific principle. He wrote about this idea, and it took the world by storm.

Thoreau was the author of Civil Disobedience, which brought to our conscious awareness that any government is powerless without the support of its people.