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Is this site for you?

Are you ready to grow up in Christ to become a mature Christian?  Me too!

God is calling us to get with it, and to grow up in Jesus, and I don’t know about you, but His call in my spirit is loud and getting louder, and more compelling each day!

I started this website because I love to study, preach, teach, and write about God, and about the process of sanctification that you and I are going through.  I am not a saint, a religious zealot, a goody-goody, and here’s the kicker … I don’t even want to be those things.  I just love God, and I know all the incredible, unbelievable things He has done in my life and in my heart. To me, His Word, His promises, and His kingdom are fascinating, and … I hesitate to add this lest you think me a heretic … FUN!

Nothing is more fun than letting go of all the ineffective, non-sensical clap-trap that the tic-toc world has taught us, and letting God, and watching God work His way into this world, and into our lives and the lives of others. Yes, we all have struggles, but if you’re like me then those pressures and challenges are pushing you to a closer relationship with God.

This website is designed to be a place to meet and share what we are learning and experiencing on our journey into the Promised Land!  I want to enjoy this trip, no matter how big the obstacles. To accomplish that we must take the advice that God gave the Israelites as He led them out of the wilderness into His kingdom.  We must keep our eyes only on Him, because as He told Joshua ¬ “You have not been this way before!” [Josh. 3:4]

Let’s go!


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