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Truth be told, there is no one on God’s green earth more blessed than I. I live beside a river, on a ranch, amidst a prairie, in a state (that I’ve dubbed Oklahoma! The Voice of Reason State!) within a country that is the best and most blessed in the world.

Geographically I live in the center of everything, which also happens to be in the middle of nowhere, and the quiet here can make me listen, and the openness has made me look.

It is with that open heart that I decided to share something of my corner of the world with anyone who is interested. This is a happy, thoughtful, blessed spot, full of hidden treasures for anyone willing to dig. Within these videos, eBooks, articles, essays and workbooks are gems of truth, faith, and life that I want to share.

I hope you enjoy your visit, are comfortable in this place, and leave better than you arrived, after roaming around in my corner of the world.

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